3 Ways To Get A Green Card

People from all around the world come to the United States on temporary as well as permanent basis. To be able to attain a permanent status, an individual must obtain a green card. People might want to become a permanent citizen because they have family living in the USA or to have a better career.

Whatever may be the reason, a green card gives the ability to an immigrant to legally live and work in the United States. Though, there are many who don’t know how to go about getting this green card. A person might get a green card in these following three ways.

Get A Green Card

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On Your Own

People can themselves apply for a green card in the following two ways:

Investment Program: If you are a rich person, then you can file for a green card investment visa. This program requires you to invest a million dollars into an area that will create employment in the United States, nearly 10 new permanent jobs.

The Green Card Lottery: The USA grants around 50,000 green cards to several people every year. This depends on which state the person is living. There is no single criteria for the selection, people are nominated randomly.

How to Get A Green Card

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Employer Sponsorship

If you are working for an American company, then you can apply for a green card. If the company owner is not able to find the right skilled labor for the job in the USA, he/she can hire a person from overseas, allowing this person to become a permanent resident.

The best thing about this particular alternative is that you do not have to pay a single penny during the whole process; all the arrangement will be done by the employer itself.

Family Sponsorship

Green Card Holder

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Family sponsorship can be of two types:

Immediate Relative: If you have a sister, brother or parent living in the United States, they can help you to get a green card easily.

Spouse: If you have a spouse living in the USA, then he or she can file for a green card on your behalf. If you are opting for this alternative, you might have to go through the interview process which is held to determine if the couples really know each other.